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PiCE is the ultimate Metal, Outdoor Raspberry Pi case.

Industrially designed to keep your Pi safe, even outdoors & lets you program, shoot video, game, overclock & play with electronics...

PiCE isn't cute, it's not sweet. It's rugged, industrial design keeps your Raspberry Pi safe, even from water! Yet, PiCE still allows you to use your Pi and the Pi Camera as the Raspberry Pi foundation intended. You can even use it outside! 

Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the UK

One of the areas we are really passionate about is having the PiCE manufactured right here in the UK, so it would support UK manufacturing, businesses and jobs. We can now proudly say that the PiCE has been designed in the UK and will be manufactured here in the UK aswell.

If you pledge on Kickstarter you will not only be supporting the PiCE but also UK manufacturing, businesses and jobs.




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Strength and durability with die-cast Zinc 


The Zinc die-casting makes the PiCE one of the most robust and durable cases available. Zinc is strong, tough and performs well under high impacts, high loading and wear.

Below are some more reasons why we have chosen a Zinc Alloy;

  • Its fluidity allows us to create thin sections and increases the life of the tooling
  • Zinc has great corrosion resistance which is perfect for harsh environments
  • Zinc is strong and highly wear resistant
  • Zinc can be coated in a wide range of finishes with ease - great for personalisation
  • It accepts self tapping screws

Removable side cores for flexibility and security


The main function of the side cores is to provide ingress protection for the Raspberry Pi internals, when the peripherals are not needed. For instance if your installing your PiCE outside, the cores will help provide protection from the rain.

The side cores are on the left and right of the case, protecting the following peripherals; GPIO, S-Video, 3.5mm and the HDMI.

When they are in place, they are locked in by the base and the lid and look great. In order to remove them you need to unscrew the lid and pull them out.


The all important Raspberry Pi, 5MP Camera


If the Raspberry Pi is the brain of the case then the Camera is its eye. With a 5MP sensor,  3g mass, a tiny footprint (25mm x 20mm x 9mm), full HD (1920 x 1080p) video capture, 5MP still and a 24 degree viewing angel it's a great little piece of kit.

The Raspberry Pi foundation have also bundled together with it a set of utilities to take advantage of the camera and we shall be adding some of our own soon aswell.


Heat dissipation for reliability and longevity


The build up of heat within any electronic enclosure including the PiCE can damage the important electronics within, in this case your Raspberry Pi. It can shorten the life of the Pi and lead to catastrophic failure.

In order to reduce this risk we've designed 3 vertical columns which extrude down from the lid to just above the hottest components; the ARM SOC, the USB / Ethernet Controller and the Voltage Regulator. Sandwiched between these extrusions and the components are heat transfer pads, which transfer the heat from the components to the PiCE for dissipation. We have also designed in an innovative method of reducing the pressure of the pads on the components while also increasing the surface area for heat transfer, therefore increasing the efficiency of the heat transfer process.

Light pipes allow you can see what's happening


Being able to see the status of your equipment is also an important especially if in a headless deployment. This is why we've designed a set of light pipes which allows you to see 'all' the status LED's including the new LED on the Camera PCB:

  • PWR = 5V input power present
  • ACT/OK = SD card access indicator
  • FDX = Ethernet Full Duplex connection
  • LNK = Ethernet connection present
  • 10M = 100 Mbps Ethernet connection
  • CAMERA = Camera On

Mounting holes for the wall or desk bracket


While the PiCE by itself is a good looking die-cast Raspberry Pi and Camera enclosure, it's not particularly useful unless you can attach it to something.

This is why the PiCE comes with four holes in the top ready for 4 x 8mm M3 tap tight screws, to mount to a our bracket or directly into your own.

Integrated back panel for ethernet, power and USB


For cable management and security we've routed the micro USB from the front to the back. To keep things as simple as possible you would insert your usb cable as normal with the lid of, feed it to the back and out through the rubber grommit. The grommet will help provide some strain relief and ingress protection.  

Rear bracket for outdoor cabling to achieve Ingress Protection IP44


The Diamond shaped feature on the back is to fit an external gaiter which will cover the RJ45, USB and USB ports  for use outdoors.

 The cables will be fed through gaiter to seal them against the elements.

Internal daughter board for expansion


Inside the case on the lid there are fixings for a internal daughter (68x55mm) board which can fit directly into the GPIO pins.

If you're a bit of an electronics guy then you can cut down your own breadboard and mount it or fingers crossed we will have our own PCB to add to the board in the future. Some uses might be accelerometer, compass, giro, storage, 3G, 4G and so on.


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PiCE specification & features 
Dimensions 128 x 79 x 30mm
Weight (approx) 400g
Material Zinc Alloy, Clear Polycarbonate
Manufacturing Process High Pressure Die-casting, Injection Moulding
Colours Zinc, Black (currently)
Raspberry Pi Mounting Features within the PiCE lock the Pi in position
Raspberry Pi Camera Mounting
  • Features within the PiCE lock the Camera in position (Thermal Pads)
Case Screws M3x6mm x 4 Supplied
Mounting Screws (Desk etc) M3x6mm x8
  • Thread forming screws
  • 4 on the lid
  • 4 on the base
  • Optional
Cooling Method Elson Designs CSR Heat Dissipation (Conductive Stress Reducing) via 3 thermal pads (supplied).
Port Access
  • Ethernet
  • 2x USB
  • Power (Micro USB via rear apperture)
  • HDMI
  • GPIO
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Camera lens
  • Pi Status LEDs (Light Pipes)
  • Camera status LED (Light Pipes)
Protected Ports

Via Removable Side Panels

  • HDMI
  • GPIO
  • Video
  • Audio
Protection By Rear Module

In development

  • Ethernet
  • 2x USB
  • Power
IP rating


IP54 - IP55 when :
  • PiCE inverted (cover becomes base)
  • Side panels fitted
  • Gaiter / optional rear expansion module fitted
Internal Expansion Support for internal Daughter Board which can connect to the GPIO.

Specifications will be released at a later date

Status LEDs YES, via light pipes for:
  • Raspberry Pi Status LEDs
  • Camera Status LED
Tripod YES, via 1/4-20 UNC
Country of Manufacturer

Mouldings / Die-castings

  • 1 x PiCE base
  • 1 x PiCE lid
  • 2 x PiCE side panels (Depending on Kit)
  • 1 x Camera mount
  • 4 x M3 Screws
  • 1 x PiCE status light pipe (Fitted)
  • 1 x Camera LED light pipe (Fitted)
  • 1 x Camera Lens Protector (Fitted)
  • 4 x Thread forming screws
  • 3 x Click rivets for the camera
  • 2 x Rubber grommets.
  • 3 x Thermal pads.
  • General Assembly / Instructions
  • Bill of materials / Parts list
  • Learning guide


General Assembly

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The PiCE has been completely designed in the UK by Elson Designs.

If you have any design ideas, why not get in touch, we'd love to hear them and see if we can help!