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Wealth of Experience

Elson Designs has over 30 years experience in Research and Development.

As a result we have extensive knowledge of many manufacturing processes, understanding their strengths, weaknesses and limitations we can suggest the most cost effective process to suit your company needs.

More info on Services Provided and why choosing the correct Process Matters.


Elson Designs have saved clients thousands of pounds in manufacturing by using the right manufacturing processes at the right time.

High Pressure Die Casting
Injection Moulding
Sand Casting
and more...

Major Clients

Rolls Royce

TDK Lambda

Major Clients


General Electric

British Rail

Any Questions

For more information and if you have any questions, then please contact us.

What can we offer you?

Elson Designs provide electro-mechanical and Thermal solutions for your business from concept through to full production.

Having over 30 years experience using many manufacturing processes, knowing their strengths their limitations we can suggest the most effective process to suit your business requirements. We provide creative thoughts to achieve designs for manufacture and assembly in medium to high volume markets.

Designs are mainly, but not exclusively, for electronic enclosures and their sub-assemblies.

Detailed drawings, general assembly drawing, bill of materials are all part of the services provided.

Thermal simulation can be undertaken. This allows us the ability to manipulate the design to remove hot spots and effectively dissipate heat. Thus increasing product life and reliability.

Project planning, managing the project, estimating, sourcing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are all services offered.

We have sourced manufacturers in the UK and China.

Communication is vital in achieving a smooth design flow. We ensure your key personnel are fully aware of design progress and keep them up to date by calling regular management meetings. 3D Schemes and 2D detailed designs are carried out using SolidWorks CAD design software. Detailed drawings, general assembly drawings and bill of materials can all be generated by Elson Designs.

Elson Designs have offices in Cheshire and cover the whole of the UK. We provide services both on and off site.

If you have any questions, then please contact us.